My digital life probably began with the acquisition of a Radio Shack calculator in the early 1980s. It was a game changer in math classes! Later, I was able to get my hands on Apple II computers and begin the world of programming. A few handheld video games and a launch into the new digital world took over with every innovation.

Adult life brought an integrated use of computing while gaining degrees and in my career in public education. Before long, a full blown immersion in technology influenced most of the civilized world. My graduate degree in instructional technology focused my vision on embedding technology in the learning process, and it has become an everyday part of the pedagogy that I practice with students young and experienced.

I have spent 17 years as a classroom teacher at the middle and high school levels along with a 5 year term as a district instructional technology director. That 22 years of experience has provided me with multiple opportunties to make the best use of resources available to help people learn and grow.

My mission is to help young and adult learners to reach their potential, and to assist educators in identifying resources already available, new tools, and to develop strengths and gain new knowledge to create improving opportunities as they develop the art and science of teaching and learning. Technology has become ubiquitous, it is all around, and we can embrace it to reach our goals and dreams…

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