Hokanson’s Instructional Technology

Technology will not transform the organization of learning in schools until it fundamentally serves the individual learner in the conduct of their everyday learning experience. Technology has yet to make a meaningful, transformative difference in school-based learning environments, but the promise is within our grasp!

A Learning Vision

Essential Principles:

  1.  The individual learner is at the center of the learning environment.
  2.  Consequential, connected learning plans and tasks define the appropriate uses of technology for all learners.
  3. Learners have immediate access to robust, secure, and relevant digital resources, devices and support as required by the learning task.
  4. Learning plans are supported by relevant personal and aggregate data.
  5. Inquiry, simulation, modeling and experimentation are supported in the learning environment by those technologies best suited to those tasks.
  6. Learners are supported in their development as critical thinkers, especially regarding the development of information and media literacy.
  7. Organizational structures, resources and support systems are designed to align with and support the first six principles.

Success Criteria:

  1. Each learner’s engagement in challenging and relevant learning projects is universally evident and supported by appropriate technologies.
  2. A full spectrum of learning and/or pedagogical strategies and practices are visible and determinant of technology use.
  3. Learning is multi-level (learner to learner, across all communities) and global in reach demonstrated by the nature of the learning projects in process.
  4. Learners will have dedicated mobile computing devices and the supporting resources in order to be engaged in always-on, real-time access to learning wherever they are.
  5. Creative and powerful learner uses of digital technologies will be evidenced through successful academic outcomes, expressive and useful project artifacts and sustained community development activities.